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Corporate Social Responsibility

In line with our continuing mission and way of giving back, we are part of the development of Micro and Small and Medium Enterprises ( MSME ) in the Philippine countryside by being a part of the trade marketing programs organized by the Department of Trade and Industry for Regional Clusters, and  the Department of Agrarian Reform for the Agrarian Reform Communities ( ARC ), and the Biscuit Industry Technical Working Group ( TWG ). 

We give lectures, and train the cottage based industries as well as the small scale producers a venue of entering the export markets as well as the domestic trade by providing them guidelines as to regulatory compliances, market practices, pricing structures, labeling development, and distribution network creation.  We eventually purchase their products for export thus ensuring livelihood for the farmers and fishermen.
We feature the export ready ones in our local and international trade shows, selling missions and exhibitions thus, paving the way for their exposure to retail and institutional importers worldwide.
Some of our recent success include the growth of the Pampanga delicacies such as native snacks and delicacies , crab paste, meat preparations, the Bicol region export of Pili products, the Negros Region export of dried fish, organic and herbal products, and the developmental stage of export of coconut sugar out of Mindanao. We have seen the rise of Aling Conching brand of Pampanga delicacies being sold in the train stations and cabins to being full scale exporter of about 10 containers a month to key OFW markets, Navarro’s crab paste now in the China, Hong Kong and Macau mainstream market ,the export of COP brand, RPM brand, J.Emmanuel brand of  Pili nuts into mainstream retailers in Japan, and the USA and Canada, the export of baked delicacies like the ensaymada ( brioche ) and hopia ( chinese deli cakes ) , such as  Mulach Melt, Quickmelt, Magic Melt, Ensaymada Polland, Holland, Master brands of Hopia  just to name a few. The Region VI biscuit producers were finally able to enter the domestic market. 
Thus, empowering our private label or house brand development program shall likewise extend a progressive development of products into export and domestic markets for these MSMEs and up liftment of the livelihood of these countryside industries.


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